Better Water. Better Business.

Pureflow installs specialized cost-cutting appliances
for businesses that demand large amounts of premium-grade water,
businesses such as healthcare, pharmaceuticals, food and beverage production.

Our solutions come in a wide range of packages, ideal for factories, kitchens, hospitals, labs, spas, boarding facilities and business premises.

Vitality. The Best Incentive.

Gift wholesome, unlimited refreshment to colleagues and customers.


Hotels, restaurants and canteens can gain massively from purified water right on tap at no extra cost.

Health & Pharma

Stringent alternatives to ordinary filters, distillers and boilers configured for the special needs of the healthcare sector


Chemical-free alternatives to conventional water treatment, with full support and service and at lower cost

Shops & Offices

on-site treatment systems as a cost-effective alternatives boiling, filtering and purchase of potable water

Our technologies are compatible with a wide range of water sources including:

Surface Water
- Rainwater
- Rivers and Streams
- Dams and Lakes
- Swamps
Underground Water
- Rainwater
- Rivers and Streams
- Dams and Lakes
- Swamps
Saline / Salty Water
- Beach Residences
- Beachside Premises
- Maritime Vessels
- Agribusiness Concerns

Municipal Water
- Chlorinated water
- Tank-Stored Water
Waste Water
-Grey Water

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