November 30, 2016
November 30, 2016
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Amalgam Lamps

Utilizes high-output amalgam lamps. Each is located within its own protective quartz sleeve and supported by aremovable, sleeve holder assembly. Designed for easy lamp replacement.

Control Panel (CP)

Epoxy-painted, carbon steel cabinet is designed for indoor, wall-mount installation. Houses a microprocessorbased controller with I/O connection points, and electronic power supplies. Distributes power to the UV reactor as well as the UV sensor and optional automatic wiping system. UV intensity,lamp elapsed time and lamp status are continuously monitored and displayed on the operator interface, located on the control panel door.

UV Sensor

Highly accurate, DVGW approved, photodiode sensor monitors UV output within the reactor. Mounted within the sensor port on the side wall of the reactor for easy access.

UV Reactor

Type 316L stainless steel. Can be installed vertically or horizontally. Reactor configurations are available with multiple inlet/outlet diameters. Rated to 150 PSI (10 BAR). A drain port is located opposite the outlet flange.

Remote Monitoring & Control

Robust microprocessor-based controller provides standard input/out signals for on/off control from a remote location. Programmable digital and analog I/O capabilities can generate unique alarms for individual applications, and send signals to operate valves and pumps. All units feature optional SCADA communication via ModBus for remote monitoring and control, and D-Series systems offer dose pacing.

Sleeve Wiping System

Optional manual or automatic systems available; both operate online, without interrupting disinfection. Fluorocarbon wipers are mounted in stainless steel yoke around the quartz sleeve of each lamp. The manual system is driven by hand using an external handle. The automatic system allows cleaning at preset intervals using a motor driven wiper assembly.


Proven performance – full bioassay validation.

systems meet the stringent, internationally-recognized standards of DVGW and USEPA – having undergone comprehensive validation at a wide range of flow rates and UV transmittance levels.

Compact footprint for installation flexibility.

The TrojanUVSwiftTMSC can handle maximum flow capacity in minimal space. Its compact design allows it to be installed vertically or horizontally in restrictive spaces, thereby lowering installation costs. The system can even be installed immediately after a 90º elbow and other upstream piping configurations.

Fewer lamps required to treat a given flow.

Trojan’s use of efficient, high-intensity amalgam lamps minimizes the lamps, seals, and maintenance to meet dose delivery requirements.

Sleeve wiping system reduces maintenance costs.

The TrojanUVSwift™SC can be equipped with a highly effective manual or fully automated sleeve wiping system to minimize the frequency and costs of cleaning. Both options work while the UV unit is online and disinfecting.

Designed for maximum operating efficiency.ensure cost-effective operation. Trojan’s high-capacity D-Series models can be equipped with optional dose pacing that adjusts lamp output to match dose to actual disinfection requirements – minimizing operating costs and extending lamp life.

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