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October 8, 2018
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Bottling in Kenya - The Fastest Fortune!

Across the entire globe, today bottled water is the fastest-growing beverage category and the preferred drink of choice.
Over the last ten years, bottled water consumption has grown by more than 200%, outpacing all other beverage categories.

As a result, opportunities in the bottled water business are exploding. Hot trends and a more informed consumer are driving a global thirst for bottled water: Consumers are more health conscious. Large numbers of people are avoiding high sugar, caffeine and other processed drinks and instead are buying zero-calorie bottled water.

According to some bottled water tastes better. Even in areas with safe municipal water systems, often tap water has an unappealing taste due to mineral content or chemicals like chlorine used to treat the water. Consumers know they can count on their favorite brand of bottled water to deliver a consistent, delicious flavor. Worldwide bottled water revenue worldwide is expected to top $300 billion by 2011. The outlook is bright for bottled water, a truly global beverage. In Kenya the bottled water market is in its early infancy stages and is estimated to be at Kshs. 12 billion (US$150 million) and growing.

PureFlow Water Solutions is a local water treatment and packaging solutions firm says there is good news for entrepreneurs entering or expanding in the bottled water business, as demand is growing and consumer sensitivity to the need for pure water is higher than ever.

Today, to succeed in this sector you need a technologically sound and operations knowledgeable firm to guide you towards a successful launch of your bottled water business. PureFlow Water Solutions is one of the few firms that understands this business and designs cost-effective plant solutions that yield great return on investment. PureFlow says the goals is to reach the market fasterwith a better quality product, whether they are setting up a start up or a turn key plant. PureFlow represents several international brands including Norland International, a world renown manufacturer of bottling plants.

Norland has a global footprint in over 40 countries and these two firms are launching a new era of modern automated packaging plants in this region. “We have installed over 11 bottling plants in the last two years alone, and are delighted to see our clients realize their vision, with technical support and the bottling plant know-how we provide them with, says David Maina PureFlow’s Managing Director.”

Life is increasingly fast paced. With today’s on-the-go lifestyle, consumers are looking for ways to make their lives easier and bottled water is a welcome convenience. For some, bottled water is a fashion statement. Enterprising bottlers are finding new opportunities for niche products and high profit margin top-of-the line waters.

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