Absolute Purity is Just The Start ...

We are here to deliver, install and maintain all-inclusive water purification systems
providing, fresh, wholesome, great-tasting water to every home and every business across East Africa

The Quality You Demand for The Value You Deserve

When it comes to designing a water treatment solution that precisely fits the unique requirements of your home, business or institution, you can trust our tested-and-true, four-step solution-design process, proven and perfected across over 900 installations since 2006.

Water Chemistry Analysis

First, we collect a water sample from your source be it a well, borehole, river or municipal supply and test it for various dissolved chemical components

Water Quality Diagnosis

Second, we subject the sample to a broader set of tests to detect nature and density of pathogens, sediment, and other finer suspended impurities

Treatment Solution and Design

Third, our technicians prepare blueprints and costings for the ideal combination of treatment appliances to fit your water source

Installation and Service

Finally, we set up a host of appliances to purify your supply. We also provide a full range of spare parts, support on demand as well as regular service.

Simple Answers to Complex Challenges

When it comes to water, you never have to choose between quality and cost again.
Select a solutions package that is just right for you, then leave the rest to us ...

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